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Our COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19, your workforce is likely at risk at any given point.

A major problem within the COVID pandemic is the widespread amount of presymptomatic/asymptomatic carriers. In fact, experts say that when presymptomatic/asymptomatic individuals are accounted for, the infection rate rises to an extremely high rate of 15%. Fortunately, with our technology we have the ability to significantly decrease the projected number of cases for the next wave of COVID. Our COVID-19 predictive model identifies individuals who are likely to have a greater risk of vulnerability to severe complications, once infected with COVID-19.
We can use our technology in partnership with employers to help lower your operational costs during this time and ensure that those who show up for work are certified to be in the presence of other employees.
Our AI is able to detect certain populations that may be at a more significant risk of contracting COVID due to underlying medical conditions. By monitoring these vulnerable populations along with certifying the symptoms of employees, we can bring down the infection rate and decrease the costly medical bills associated with COVID. 

Our COVID-19 Predictive Index

How we can mitigate the virus' impact

biometric wearables

Through the use of wearables, we are able to analyze your real-time biometric data - all remotely

Location monitoring

By having access to your location, we can provide recommendations for nearby medical facilities in real-time

self-reported employee survey

By asking relevant, symptom-related questions, we can piece together a diagnosis and construct the unique, recommended approach

Virtual assistant

Elli, our virtual social avatar, can communicate and interact with patients as well as provide symptom-based health recommendations

Health kiosk at work

Health kiosks at work locations can provide an additional measure for health screening and certification, ensuring the safety of your employees before coming into contact with others

command center

As an employer, you can be provided daily dashboards regarding location-specific outbreaks and employee-specific health data

Individual Vulnerability

Monitor key symptoms of COVID-19 in Asymptomatic/Symptomatic patients with real-time surveillance for viral infections →

Asymptomatic Community

Identify communities at greatest risk for severe outcomes once infected and the socioeconomic factors influencing that risk

Virtual Avatar Engagement

Lifestyle management and behavioral interventions to protect vulnerable seniors and those with underlying chronic conditions →

Health Kiosks

Health kiosks at work locations will allow for additional screening and triage, location-based monitoring, and daily dashboards for certification and auditability

Return-to-Work Recommendations

With our technology, we can help with the return-to-work process for your employees. As we monitor your employees' vitals at home, we can search for anomalies and predict COVID-related symptoms before they arrive at work or the hospital. This monitoring combined with health kiosks at work will ensure that your employees stay healthy while simultaneously mitigating the possibility of spreading an infection within the workplace.


Early Detection of COVID Symptoms Leads to Cost Savings for Employees and Prevents Outbreaks

Through our technology's ability to detect COVID early, we can reduce the cost of inpatient admissions for the COVID treatment - a treatment that could cost you over $20,000. For most people, this cost could dramatically impact their savings and future plans. By detecting COVID early through the continuous monitoring of multiple measurements, Life Singularity's technology could potentially save you thousands of dollars in medical fees.


COVID Autonomous Monitoring Platform

Monitoring From Home

Sensors, information guides, and related materials are mailed to the employee's home
Using the software as a visual guide, the employee puts on the sensors after initially logging into the system
The employee takes their temperature manually (along with any additional automated measurements) and uploads the data to the cloud at the press of a button!
Once the data is uploaded to the cloud, the system will be able to ensure that the employee is healthy and safe to attend work

Pre-Work Screening

Health Kiosks at Work

Upon entering the building, the employee will go to the health kiosk where they will be identified through facial recognition software
The virtual avatar present at the health kiosk will guide the employee on how to attach and utilize the various sensors
After the measurements are made, the avatar will assist the employee on how to input the data into the system
Once the data is uploaded to the system, the employee will be told if they are safe to proceed to work

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