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Life Singularity

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The Future of AI-Driven Healthcare

Life Singularity is an early stage startup with a vision to deliver AI-driven real-time predictive health insights and on-demand virtual care in collaboration with renowned health system partners
Powered by AI and Deep Learning, our mission is to provide real-time event prediction and individualized precision health by developing a contextual, Health Internet of YouTM - (connecting the patients' family history, environment, lifestyles and behaviors) and delivering care virtually

Our Platform

Autonomous Monitoring Platform

Through the use of FDA-approved wearables , our multi-variable predictive model ingests real-time data from your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry (SpO2), and other biometric sensors to provide unique recommendations for health and lifestyle management

Predicts More Than 30 Chronic Diseases

Our AI/Big Data foundation addresses individualized risk by using your medical history, social determinants of health, costs, vital signs, behaviors, and decisions to offer predictive assistance based on over 1 billion data points

Virtual Care Assistant

Our platform uses advanced AI and facial recognition software as seen through our virtual avatar, Elli. Capable of sensing emotions, maintaining contact with consumers and medical professionals/caregivers, and analyzing your symptoms, Elli is your personal health assistant

Elli: Our Virtual Care Assistant

Elli combines empathy with innovative avatar-based technology, advanced sensing of emotions, and Artificial Intelligence to generate actionable, real-time data that can enable clinicians to make better, timelier decisions that can catch the disease ahead of time.

COVID Autonomous Monitoring Platform

We work with employers to remotely monitor employees taking into account more than 30 underlying vulnerabilities including hypertension, heart disease, and obesity along with key symptoms of COVID-19 in order to prepare for the incremental return-to-work process. Learn more about how early identifying of infected communities and health kiosks at work can help bring your business back to pre-COVID levels.