Responsible Use Of AI - Promoting Health Equity And Analysis Across Populations

Join us Sanjeev Wadhwa, President and CEO, Life Singularity, Inc.;

John Olwal, Global Head AI and Data Ethics for Novartis;  Kathleen Snyder,

senior counsel Technology Transactions, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati;

and Dr. Judy Gichoya MD, MS Radiology and Imaging Sciences, 

 for the #AI Applications for Drug

Discovery Development Live Panel this Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at

10:00am EST

"Responsible use of AI - Promoting health equity and analysis across populations"


Looking forward to sharing our perspectives on how we are leveraging our #Autonomous #quantumcomputing #AI #VR exponential #health

#socialimpact2021 platform as a Responsible AI blueprint for #PredictiveHealth

BIO 2019


HealthTech Austin

The AI & Blockchain Summit

Life Singularity on

"Netflixing Limitless AI-Enabled Health"


The Mind-Body Electric: Brain-Body Plasticity, Bioelectricity & Breakthrough Therapies
(BIO 2019 Highlights)

Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO, Life Singularity, Inc.) served as the moderator.  Our panelists were Dr. Paolo Cassano, Co-Founder, Chief Researcher & Chair of Scientific Advisory Board at Niraxx Therapeutics; Richard Hanbury, CEO at; Sarah Hill, CEO at Healium by StoryUP; Roy Levien, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer at eQuility
Bitcoin Your Data! From Trusted Pharma Silos to Trustless Community-Owned Blockchain-Based Precision Medicine Data Trials
(BIO 2019 Highlights)

Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO, Life Singularity, Inc.) served as the moderator.  Our panelists were James Canterbury, Principal at EY; John Kamara, Director at Global Gaming Africa; Dr. David Koepsell, CEO at Encrypgen; Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO at; and Kamal Obbad, CEO at Nebula Genomics


Exponential Medicine:

AI Moonshot in Health

Digital Doses of Electricity and Neural Pacemakers - Tapping, Zapping, Hacking & Mapping the Nervous System through Pioneering Bioelectronic Nerve Implants & Neural AI to Stop Chronic Diseases (BIO 2018 Highlights)

Sanjeev Wadhwa (CEO, Life Singularity, Inc.) served as the moderator.  Our panelists were Dr. Ed Boyden, Co-Director, MIT Neurobiological Engg; Dr. Michel Maharbiz, University of California Berkeley, Co-Inventor of Neural Dust; and Chad Bouton, Inventor of Neurobridge, VP, Northwell Health

Empathetic AI: AI-Powered empathetic virtual humans and brain-machine interfaces delivering virtual therapies in virtual worlds (BIO 2017 Individual Sessions)


Order: BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI - Session Q&A - Moderator: Sanjeev Wadhwa, CEO, Life Singularity; 

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Chris Chin, HTC Vive | Moderator Sanjeev Wadhwa;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Dr. Skip Rizzo, USC;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Dr. Walter Greenleaf, Stanford University;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Moderator - Sanjeev Wadhwa - AI Virtual Assistant for Health;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Dr. Skip Rizzo, USC;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Chris Chin, HTC; Virtual Heart;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: AI-Powered Virtual Humans;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Chris Chin, HTC - Mirror Neurons and Empathy;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Chris Chin, HTC, Pre-Ops Surgical Planning;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Dr. Walter Greenlead, Stanford - Empathy;

BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI: Dr. Walter Greenleaf, Stanford - Dialysis Prep;



BIO 2017 - Empathetic AI - Full Session Video

This session examined the next frontier in health - applying emotions to virtual humans to create interactive, AI-driven 3D avatars that work within virtual worlds and offer patients virtual therapies. Virtual reality content is being designed to manipulate mood in lieu of access to human psychologists to potentially help alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, isolation, fatigue, confinement and other psychological challenges. Such multimedia programs use problem-solving and cognitive behavioral therapies to simulate a human presence through the use of virtual therapists. The system provides feedback based upon the information the user provides and helps patients develop action plans to address stress or depression.

@SkipRizzoVR from USC, @chrisforevr HTC Vive, @WalterGreenleaf from Stanford were our panelists.

Time Segments:

  • Introduction - 00:00 - 5:12
  • Dr. Walter Greenleaf - Stanford University - 5:13 - 28:53
  • Sanjeev Wadhwa, CEO, Life Singularity, Inc. - 28:53 - 54:55
  • Chris Chin, Sr. Director, HTC Vive - 54:57 - 1:28:32
  • Dr. Skip Rizzo, Research Professor, USC - 1:28:46 - 2:08:05
  • Q&A - 2:08:06 - 2:18:19
Beyond Value Frameworks Defining the value of medical innovation (BioNJ 2017)
Crafting Our Own Value-Based Model
BioNJ’s Second Annual Beyond Value Frameworks Workshop on December 7 at Amicus Therapeutics in Cranbury, NJ brought together Patients, industry, payers, academia and government to discuss and contribute to the development of new platforms that will provide Patients with access to the right medicines at the right time at affordable out-of-pocket costs.  During this working session, audience members designed a value-based healthcare model that takes personalized medicine, the Patient’s perspective and the long-term impact of new medicines into consideration when determining the cost of drugs and Patient access. 
@DrBobGoldberg (@drugwonks ), @JasonShafrin, @Speskin (@HorizonBCBSNJ) were our panelists.
Robert Goldberg, Ph.D., Vice President & Co-Founder, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Steven Peskin, M.D., Executive Medical Director, Population Health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Jason Shafrin, Ph.D., Director of Research, Innovation and Value Initiative
Sanjeev Wadhwa, Founder, President & CEO, Life Singularity

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