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Life Singularity’s vision is to deliver real-time precision health and autonomous virtual care through the power of AI, VR and Quantum Computing

Precision Health for Prevention

Life Singularity’s "Precision Medicine for Prevention" AI/VR/Quantum Platform leveraging millions of Computable Digital Phenotypes, a “Whole-Person” Index with Social Determinants of Health, and Hyper-Local Epidemiology with a Comprehensive Biological Knowledge Network of complex behavioral and physiological digital biomarkers.

Moving from a “Health Care System for Sick People” to “Health Equity for All People”

Life Singularity’s Health-Equity Driven Risk Stratification Models help stratify risk based upon patient and population-level Clinical, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, SDOH, Demographics and Utilization metrics Aligned to PRAPARE Standards, including Community Integration for Prediction of Non-Clinical Community/Individualized Interventions for Social Determinants that Impact the Likelihood of Chronic Disease and Federated Learning across the Industry in Responsible AI, addressing Data Privacy and Security challenges.

A Breakthrough Predictive Health Platform

Life Singularity's AI-driven "Precision Medicine for Prevention Platform" extracts complex behavioral and physiological digital biomarkers, in an unbiased way using computer vision and AI helps identify the critical features that are responsible for finding robust and early phenotypes, improved information on micro-cohorts, new understanding the disease, temporal relationships, new markers for patient stratification and identifying previously undiagnosed patients with new markers. Life Singularity's AI-driven Computable Phenotypes can enable direct identification of cohorts based on population characteristics.

Meet Our Founder

Sanjeev Wadhwa

Founder, President and CEO

32 years of executive leadership experience in accelerating major transformations and development of game-changing commercial models, fueling organic and acquisitive growth through innovative collaborative models and disruptions. Recently, Sanjeev was a Partner and Americas leader of Ernst & Young’s (EY) Life Sciences Health Innovations and Life Sciences R&D practice. Prior to EY, Sanjeev was a Partner at CSC with Executive Leadership responsibilities for Healthcare Innovations, Life Sciences R&D, New Venture Development, Large Transformations, Strategy and M&A. Sanjeev is a social visionary and game-changer, who is a frequent speaker on disruption, social impact, innovation, healthcare collaborations, ecosystem transformations, and has addressed media and institutions​.

Yilin Qi

Yilin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Data Science and Linguistics from the University of Southern California and will be pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science degree at Harvard University. She is skilled in Machine Learning and Deep Learning with a specialization in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Yilin was a Data Scientist intern for Life Singularity in Spring 2023, where she was able to apply her expertise in NLP by analyzing clinical notes to identify clinical and non-clinical predictive biomarkers for early risk stratification across multi-stage, multi-year progression in patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Specifically, she finetuned the NVIDIA BioMegatron model for both Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Relation Extraction (RE) tasks, focusing on entities related to patient information, clinical lab tests, and both major and minor symptoms that are highly correlated with heart failure. Her work will be integrated into Life Singularity’s AI Predictive Virtual Assistant to predict heart failure multiple years before the actual onset.

In addition, Yilin brought her experience in model interpretability research to Life Singularity by manually implementing the neuron view visualization for the BioMegatron model, which shows how individual neurons in the query and key vectors of each layer are used to compute attention for the model. 

Her internship at Life Singularity has greatly inspired her interest in the healthcare sector, and she wishes to continue applying her skills in this domain. 

Yufeng Shi

Yufeng is pursuing his Master of Science in Engineering degree in Data Science at Johns Hopkins University. He is skilled at Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Statistical Analysis. And he was a Machine Learning Engineering Intern at Life Singularity during the 2022 summer. Life Singularity internship offered him a great opportunity to broaden his perspective on the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence in the health Industry. He applied his NLP and statistical knowledge into analyzing clinical notes to explore multi-markers for predictive health relationships among different diseases and medications in multi-comorbid patient populations. He further focused on analysis of Synthetic Data generated from Life Singularity’s Computable Digital Phenotypes, to identify novel clinical and non-clinical predictive biomarkers for retrospective and prospective early risk stratification across multi-stage, multi-year progression in obese patients with Congestive Heart Failure, Myocardial Infarction, Stroke, Ischemia, and Osteoarthritis. His internship at Life Singularity has inspired him and has greatly influenced his career path.

Ziming Qi

Ziming is pursuing his Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, San Diego with a keen interest in leveraging Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), imaging analytics, and video quantization. He did his research assistantship at University of California, Santa Barbara Bionic Vision Lab and is passionate about applying artificial intelligence and deep learning models to make better decisions in healthcare.

Life Singularity has provided him with great technical experience in Synthetic Data generation, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Transfer Learning leveraging large-scale BERT models like NVIDIA BioMegatron for application to Life Singularity data. Ziming created Deep learning models to generate synthetic clinical tabular data and clinical notes data from millions of Computable Digital Phenotypes with Social Determinants of Health, which will be used for better training of NLP models.

Ziqi (Chloe) Wu

Chloe is pursuing her Master of Science degree in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology at the University of Southern California. She utilized human-centered design principles for the design of Life Singularity’s AI predictive healthcare Platform to provide a greater user experience based on clients’ needs. Life Singularity has provided her with great learning experience in the AI Healthcare industry pushing her limits to deliver great research and prototyping experiences.  Chloe was responsible for redesigning multiple user experiences, client personas, LifeSingularity.com website, conducting user research, and creation of highly impactful visual assets.

Audrey Yao

Audrey is pursuing her Masters in Public Health at Saint Louis University with a keen interest in analyzing data related to several aspects of Public Health, including Genetic Epidemiology; Health Systems Strengthening; Neglected Tropical Diseases; Infectious Diseases. Her objective is to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations around the world through her work. In the past years, Audrey studied, worked, and lived in Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, and the United States of America.

Life Singularity has granted an excellent opportunity to expand her vision of public health to meet the Artificial Intelligence (AI) perspective. The social determinants of health associated with biostatistics and AI offer many possibilities to resolve contemporary and future health challenges. Henceforth, Life Singularity’s mission and values have had a remarkable impact on her professional path.

Wanshu Wang

Wanshu is pursuing her third Masters in Data Science at DePaul University with two prior Masters degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Electrical Engineering. She is skilled at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting datasets, solving data-driven problems, and telling stories from the analysis. She is involved in Python open-source community and passionate about deep reinforcement learning. Her User Experience design and research backgrounds provide her with deep understanding of user behavior and provide effective and user-friendly data visualizations.

During the summer internship at Life Singularity in 2021, she gained a wide variety of perspectives on the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the healthcare industry. From building the social determinants human-interaction platform from ground up, she leveraged her AI and data science skills and got deep exposure to the healthcare industry cementing her passion for the domain. This opportunity has helped shape her future career direction

Brandon Woo

Brandon is pursuing his Masters in Data Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Jersey City. He is passionate about using data to make better decisions using techniques such as statistical inference, machine learning, data visualization, data mining, and big data methods.

Life Singularity has provided me with an environment for growth as a professional and as an individual through real-life data science experiences. I have used Python to create AI-driven real-time predictive health insights to develop a decision framework based on utility analysis to assess predictive models. I also designed interactive and dynamic dashboards to help visualize and present findings based on AI-driven models. Life Singularity has inspired and helped not only Brandon but the lives of many others.

Emily Howie

I am a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. For fun, I enjoy playing basketball and traveling locally and abroad with my family and friends. My work at Life Singularity is both challenging and rewarding because I get to apply my knowledge of chemistry and the social determinants of health to complex problems within AI predictive healthcare, which I know will help millions of people in the future. 

Valentina Silva

I am a graduate student in Business Analytics at Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and a minor in Organizational Leadership from Farmingdale State University of New York. For fun, I enjoy doing yoga, painting as well as traveling. I am originally from Colombia and fluent in Spanish and English. During my time at Life Singularity, I was able to expand knowledge and practice the analytical skills I am being taught at Hofstra. 

Qianwei Li

I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University and I am a Data Science intern at Life Singularity during the 2020 summer. This internship has offered me the opportunity of applying Artificial Intelligence and Big-Data-driven analytics to COVID-19 related healthcare prediction. It is a unique experience to be exposed to the healthcare industry and test out the skills I developed in university to see how they work in the real world. Moreover, the project helps me to learn independently, discipline myself, be considerate, self-trust, take initiative and the ability to solve problems. I am inspired to see the impact Life Singularity will make on healthcare industries and people’s lives.

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